Sci-tech innovation empowers modern coal industry in NW China's Ningxia

  • Monday, May 6, 2024

  • Keywords:modern coal industry, NW China's Ningxia
[Fellow]"Such remarkable elasticity," said visitors as they tugged on a spandex product.


At the sample exhibition hall of the Ningdong Industrial Park of Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. in Yinchuan, capital of northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, visitors are captivated by a range of spandex-crafted products, including sportswear, underwear, and baby diapers.
"Such remarkable elasticity," said visitors as they tugged on a spandex product.
Spandex, a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity, boasts properties like high elongation, resilience, and fatigue resistance. Widely utilized in textile garments, medical applications, and automotive interiors, among other fields, spandex stands as a top-tier textile material with comprehensive performance.
But it is all the more astonishing to learn that this white, stretchable textile material originates from the depths of black coal.
"Through a series of coal chemical processes and chemical reactions, coal metamorphoses into spandex," said Zhang Guojun, manager of the production department of Ningxia Ningdong Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
He said that when it comes to producing various types of spandex, Tayho's technology in the industry is at the forefront.
Walking into the company's spinning workshop, one could witness machines deftly winding spandex filaments, each thinner than a human hair, onto paper tubes. Despite the bustling machinery, few workers are visible.
"Previously, a single production line required three workers; now, one suffices. We aim to produce 30,000 tonnes of spandex filaments annually for downstream enterprises," said Li Xile, director of the second workshop of the company.
The ongoing automation enhancements and the pioneering technology for converting coal into fibers of the spandex producer offer a glimpse into Ningxia's concerted efforts in propelling its modern coal chemical industry forward.
By nurturing new quality productive forces, Tayho's line of products does not stop at daily clothing. In addition to spandex, the company's repertoire includes aramid, a kind of white fiber also stemming from coal.
Aramid fiber, revered for its flame resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and remarkable strength and modulus, finds applications in diverse realms. From flame-retardant protective clothing to critical components in aerospace and transportation vehicles, Tayho fully exploits the fiber's versatility.
"We've achieved some breakthroughs in the traditional textile sector, disrupting the norms within our supply chain, and are gradually broadening our product line. These advancements are proving to be significant catalysts for our enterprise's high-quality development," Zhang said.
"Through a series of our research endeavors, we have infused our company with fresh vitality and energy," he added, pointing out that the innovative actions enabled Tayho to fill the void in Ningxia's high-performance fiber industry, positioning the region as a contributor to modern coal utilization. Source: Xinhua
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